Seniors Get Your Ducks In A Row PESID members collaborate

Seniors Get Your Ducks In A Row, PESID members collaborate in Authoring their first book.

A group of PESID members have collaborated in the writing of Seniors Get Your Ducks In A Row.   Annette Fisher (Author), Debra S Gross (Author), Robert Howe (Author), Marie Sayour (Author), Marla Loughran (Author), Mary Maroney (Author), Joanne Naiman (Editor), Robert Bello (Illustrator)


This book is for seniors, as well as the families, caretakers and friends of seniors. It’s our mission to provide the knowledge seniors need to keep up with the constantly changing times in which we live. Seniors are living longer and having to stretch their dollars further. We hope the insight in this book will provide you with at least the sprinkling of knowledge you will need to get started on your journey to protecting your family nest. In addition, the stories told throughout this book are intended to either inspire seniors to take charge of their lives or to be made aware of what they may not know. One of the funniest things about knowledge is sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. So, we invite you to read on and enjoy the journey through our eyes and ears, as we enlighten you with real life stories, only the names and places may have changed.

Live Well, Laugh Lots and Live Long!



This book, Seniors Get Your Ducks In A Row, Authored by Annette Fisher, Debra Gross, Robert Howe, Marie Sayour, Marla Loughran, and Mary Maroney, explains several aspects of senior life. The book, which is written by professionals who have a great amount of experience in their field, is meant to help seniors take advantage of opportunities available to them, from in the housing market to making a will to health concerns, by clearly explaining the given area, giving several examples and contact information for the authors for more information.  Seniors, Get Your Ducks In A Row is an excellent resource for seniors who have questions about the rest of their life, written by professionals in their fields and contains several pieces of important information.

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All of the authors are members of PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity, which gives seniors an avenue in which to voice their concerns as well as their accomplishments to a larger population. It is our hope that you will absorb and make use of the information within.
Frances Picone, RSM

Retired Director of Services for Older Adults

Lutheran Family Health Centers


In my professional opinion, I believe that “Seniors Get Your Ducks In A Row” is an excellent starting point in this process of gaining knowledge of the needs of seniors. It is a comprehensive compilation of resources including contributions from experts in their fields covering topics such as: finances, reverse mortgages, real estate, health, nutrition, and elder law.  I highly recommend this book as a valuable educational tool in aiding seniors and their loved ones.

Denise P. Levine, L.C.S.W.


I am immensely excited and gratified, as many readers will be, that “Seniors, Get Your Ducks In A Row: Protect Your Nest — Based on True Stories” is now out there with its special emphasis on empowering seniors with invaluable knowledge, co-authored by six amazing talented professionals,  who are leaders in their fields.  All six are members and driving forces of a remarkable organization, PESID, People Empowering Seniors Independence & Dignity, a network of professionals working to better the lives of seniors.  WalletICE TM a “snapshot of your medical history,” wrote Fisher, “might even save your life…and can help doctors and hospitals diagnose your emergency situations.” I have found it invaluable in the few unexpected trips by ambulance to emergency rooms in the past few years, thanks to Fisher’s innovation.

Harold Egeln

A longtime professional  journalist who has written thousands of articles and hundreds of columns for three decades. He was most recently a staff general assignment reporter for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Bay Ridge Eagle, and before that a staff reporter for the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s newspaper, the Courier Life and Home Reporter/Brooklyn Spectator News. He served as a media aide and speechwriter at NY Council-member Vincent Gentile’s office.