Senior Friendly Cities

Senior Friendly Cities, and what we need to do to make it happen

This is a list things that PESID members came up with in one of our polls.

      Public campaign to educate everyone on how to make communities more senior friendly


      Benches in large stores/sidewalks/more in parks and attractions


      Sensory overload is an issue in large stores, sound deadening materials


      Accessibility by wheelchair, walker, scooter, etc


      Ability to have groceries delivered to the home

Senior friendly cities would not be complete without…

      Better lighting in parking lots


      More handicap spaces in parking slots


      Senior transportation

Just when you think we’re finished we add more to the list of what is needed if we truly want senior friendly cities.

      More adult day care and senior centers


      Trips for seniors


      Senior apartment complex


      Use bigger fonts


      Involve elected officials and ask about grants for services


      Traffic lights that indicate how many seconds left to cross

Wait, there is more we’ll need if we are going to have senior friendly cities.

      Pacers to stand on line at the super market for those who like to get out and do their own shopping


      Discounted days or times of the day when seniors can enjoy discounts


      Home delivery of cooked lunches to those in need


      Stores in close proximity to senior housing


      Curb cuts for wheel chair, walker, and easy foot mobility


      Calling services for keeping in touch with seniors if they do not show for a regular program etc.


      Reverse mortgages for jumbo homes, condos and coops not just 1-4 family and some condos


      Doctors and other medical personnel who are willing to make house calls


      Educational seminars on topics affecting seniors


      Programs for high school students to pair up with a senior buddy just to talk and keep them up to date


    Utilize school buses for loops around the community

If you have more to add to what would be ideal for senior friendly cities please feel free to contribute to this post.

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